Why us?

We are different

1) Unlike most companies we have experience of having lived in both countries, the US and UK, to understand the difference in culture and prepare you for any unexpected surprises and differences

2) We only charge for the service you require, you can build your own package

3) We are based on the West Coast so we can work in your time zone

We Save you Time and Money

1) Having us guiding you, will save you the risk of overpaying for an apartment.

2) Avoid signing a lease which you did not want or maybe understand, this can be costly to terminate

3) Making sure upon agreeing a lease all aspects of the flat’s condition and readiness prior to your move is covered

4) Saving you time by letting us create your short list of properties based on your requirements. Instead of spending hours sifting through websites and a hefty phone bill from international calls

Experience Counts

-Having worked in the London market as both a realtor and consultant for many years, I have a full scope of the process end to end. This gives me the upper edge to knowing what makes realtors tick, to agree and get you the best deal.

-Knowing well established and trusted contacts gives me the inside scoop of properties before they hit the market. Giving you the possible opportunity of a first viewing and offer before anyone else!

-It is critical to know what each pocket/suburb in London offers in terms of atmosphere and lifestyle. Having lived in London since my student days has given me the understanding hands on. Many Relocation companies teach there staff from text book, and their staff has never lived in London or live on the outskirts of the city.

– Talking about hands on. I myself have gone through 3 complete relocations in my life, moving countries that is, which very well prepares me for covering every angle you can expect.


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