Students moving to London

This is about the time of year where all apply for College and university placements. If you are form another country you will likely even make a trip to London to visit Universities.

Choosing a University is not the only thing on your mind. Where are you going to live? Halls of residence? Or maybe sharing a London Apartment with a friend, brother or sister.

Even renting you own London Apartment.

There are three things which will affect your decision on where to rent a London Apartment.
1) Distance to College or University
2) The Neighborhood or area
3) The actual apartment above all else

This depends on what you would like to prioritise in finding the ideal Flat in London.
What you need to also keep in mind, is you are not the only student looking to rent a London Apartment starting this summer. If you think of how many schools there are in London and how many students start school all around the same time needing to move to London. Pretty daunting to think of a number.

What many students do is wait till a few weeks before they need to move to start looking. Now think about this.
Most courses start between September and the first week of October.
Do the math, what do you think will happen?

My best advice is to start looking as early as possible. At least 2 months before you’d like to move in.
Most Landlords or agencies start to market properties within 2 months of them becoming vacant.

Reason being, you avoid the rush and inflated prices. Apart from students flocking to the city in summer. You also have graduates looking for apartment rentals for their 1st job placement in London. Families looking to move after the summer break. Most company relocations also take place in the summer as this the time schools are shut. So any families moved or relocated by companies are usually scheduled for the summer.

By securing an apartment 30-60 days before your actual move in date, in other words starting to look early you will have the luxury of choice and not feeling rushed.

There will be more choice available in the market. The chances of you having to bid on a London apartment against someone else is low. By the way this happens all the time in the late summer months. People end up paying more for a London Apartment than the actual listing price due to 2 or more people being interested in the same place. Of course this happens due to lack of available apartments. And as earlier explained everyone suddenly looking to move at the same time. Within in 2 weeks of their course starting.

I hope this helps. For any more advice or info please feel free to complete our contact form for a consultation.



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